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WerfWater focuses on reducing and reusing water in the construction industry. On almost every construction site temporary dewatering is necessary. In this process of pumping out groundwater, water is discharged into the sewer system. At WerfWater, we want to give this water a second life. We do this by providing an online platform to link local supply and demand. In this way we already saved many precious liters of groundwater, together with partners such as Stad Antwerpen, Stad Kortrijk,Deme, Renotec and Democo.

WerfWater is an initiative of Switchrs and Lemon. Switchrs is a strategic innovation agency for social impact and circular economy. Lemon in turn specializes in building web platforms and mobile applications. WerfWater combines the qualities of Switchrs and Lemon Companies. Through this digital way we try to recover one of the most vital products, water, and bring it back into circulation. Currently we are developing the next version of the platform where we monitor and control construction sites so less water has to be pumped up!

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