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SOD.DEL is active in the raw materials industry. We are agents and distributors for several globally leading producers of mineral fillers in the European market. We provide a diverse range of industries: from paints & coatings to construction, glass and agriculture. Some of our main partners are imerys, Sibelco and Dorfner.

Our international team consists of 14 experts and we operate through 5 commercial entities: Sodachem, delta-Paquet, InferFillers, Distrivac and PigmentsWise. Deltamat-Paquet is the oldest subsidiary and was established in 1981. Since 2020, SOD.DEL is part of the Road21 family.


SOD.DEL is also actively involved in the digitization of the raw materials supply chain. We do this with SupplyWise, a platform with solutions & services for all players in the raw materials industry. By combining our market knowledge with entrepreneurial expertise we want to help all players reach their full potential, at the same time improving the ecological sustainability of the supply chain.

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