Auto Natie Group: the road to comfortable driving #marketingcase

In this blog series, we will each time discuss a case performed by one of our Road21 family members. Today's topic: the case carried out by Are-agency for Auto Natie Group. This article is written by Are agency, and is also available via this link

Auto Natie Group is the proud distributor of a whole range of makes including Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda.

All hands on deck

For a car dealer, the busiest period of the year is the car show. They have to pull out all the stops to help more people find the car of their dreams. This is of course very difficult in a sector with a lot of competition.

The road to more sales

At Are Agency, we embrace challenges like these with both arms. After a fun brainstorming session we came up with the idea of developing a new website entirely dedicated to the car show. Through this website we put all cars in the spotlight in a pleasant way. It was also very easy for people to request quotes for cars they liked. On top of that, visitors could contact Auto Natie Group for extensive advice.

Rebuilding roads

To improve the roads leading to more sales for Auto Natie Group, we provided them with a new layer of asphalt. The two types of roads that we have provided with a new layer of asphalt are highways and country roads. 


With Google Ads you reach your target audience very directly at the moments they need it. Google Ads is the highway to more leads and conversions.

Country roads

What could be more fun than taking small roads and enjoying the view? It's exactly the same for social media. It's a platform that your target audience loves to be on. Providing them with the necessary sightseeing with your ads is very valuable.

This article is written by Are agency, and is also available via this link