New project release: a collaboration between SupplyWise and Code-Less

After weeks of work behind the scenes, the SupplyWise team is very proud and excited to announce the launch of SupplyWise’s brand new platform: This platform was created in collaboration with Code-Less, a developer of low-code and no-code environments.

SupplyWise is a Logistics-as-a-Service solutions provider that is active in the non-metal raw materials industry, with a particular expertise in organic pigments. We aim to help companies optimize the supply chain of said materials by creating a single, integrated environment to simplify various aspects related to sourcing and stocking those materials.

The pain we faced

Thanks to our extensive experience in the raw materials industry – and specifically the pigments industry – we observed that European companies face many pain points when sourcing those materials from Asia. First, they are often forced to order full containers, even if they wish to order smaller quantities. Second, they must arrange transport from the port of arrival to their factories themselves and they must handle all administrative matters. A distributor could solve these issues, but they are known to charge very high premiums, they work in an non-transparent way, and you sacrifice control over your supply chain.

The solution we offer

SupplyWise solves these pain points by focusing on two pillars: logistical flexibility and direct contact. We offer the highest degree of flexibility to both buyers and producers of raw materials in terms of logistics. SupplyWise lets buyers order whatever quantity they wish and ensures that the goods are delivered at the buyer’s premises when the buyer wants. Moreover, SupplyWise enables producers to build consignment stock in Europe, such that their products are closer to their customers, which in turn enhances the producers’ service levels.

The second pillar of our value proposition is direct contact between buyers and producers. By uniting them on one platform, we facilitate an improved relationship between both parties. The middlemen that are currently ubiquitous (distributors, agents, freight forwarders, warehousing partners …) are all replaced by 1 single partner: SupplyWise. An additional advantage is that costs can be reduced significantly by cutting those middlemen.

Want to know more?

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