Crafting an impression - Elevator speech

What is it?

An elevator speech is being able to communicate who you are, your experience, and  your value proposition, while being engaging in a brief period of 30-60 seconds.

We live amidst a world full of distractions and perpetually decreasing attention spans. Thus, it is essential to communicate effectively in a short period of time. This is what led to the emergence of the concept of elevator speech. It is highly useful in creating a great first impression while generating interest in you, your venture, your services, and whatever else it is that you wish to target. In this article, we detail the main inclusions of an elevator speech and things you should keep in mind while framing yours.

How to write an elevator pitch:-

  • Recognise your goal: It is necessary to set specific goals. What you wish to achieve is a very important part of the elevator speech. Try to jot down the exact purpose of your speech, how you want the speech to be, what you wish to include in it, how it should sound to the listener, what you want to accomplish, etc. As an example, assume you are an entrepreneur and wish to get some prospective investors interested in your venture. Your elevator pitch must be aimed at and framed according to what generates investor interest.
  • Follow up your goal with what you do: Your job or work or experience must relate to your pitch. It can strengthen the impact your speech leaves on the audience. Do your best to keep it relevant and simple. Continuing our previous example, here you would mention your current work, experience in the field, your skill set and other important information about yourself and your venture. 
  • Attract by asking a question: Asking a question to the audience increases their engagement in what you have to say. It makes them a part of the speech while allowing you to know the audience’s line of thought.
  • Always remember to conclude: A conclusion where you bring everything together is just as significant as any other part of the speech. You can conclude by giving your business card, by saying that you would like them to contact you if they are interested, by specifying a future action from the listener, etc.

Important things to note:- Certain things you should always keep in when preparing an elevator speech are:-

  • Keep it short:- It must be brief. The entire purpose is to synthesize your words into a time constraint while still accomplishing your goal.
  • Make it convincing: There needs to be persuasion. You can do so by studying your audience beforehand, being empathetic with your words, emphasizing your point, and more.
  • Skills add credibility: Sharing your skills adds reliability to your pitch. The listener needs to believe that you are dependable.
  • Don’t forget to practice: Something that might not seem important in the beginning but is as important as any other step is to practice your speech. How you deliver your words, your hesitation, lack of practice are all extremely crucial and can be perfected with practice. 

Elevator speech is a fantastic way to get your message through to your audience. Whether you are a student, a future entrepreneur, or an emerging one, this is for you. How to concisely, accurately and impactfully deliver your words is a skill all of us could use.

What does your elevator speech sound like?

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